Okay, massive graphical type update for the redesign of the site. The workshop is getting a link out on the main page, so the rest of this needs to look pretty. Hopefully this works. I still gotta start getting some of the project pictures up. This is progress though.

Just a quick formatting update today. Nothing major, still trying to figure out the layout. These aren't horrible, but the main page really needs work.

This is the project center for this website's design. I have a basic layout in mind at this point... very basic. I'd like to make it all sorts of fancy stuffwith neat pics and buttons and the like, but I'm really going to need to brush up on my html and the like to figure that all out. I've got sections set up for work projects that I'm working on or would like to work on, I've got a section for drawings and one for writings. I don't expect much to make it into the writings section, and we'll see what winds up in drawings. The projects section is the one I'd like to keep running the most, but I guess we'll see what happens.