I have come to a conclusion. It will probably get annoying if we need to boot up a computer any time that we want to run the initative lights for games that don't use the rest of the computer. I've decided then to see if I can program a microcontroller to do the job. It should actually be a fairly simple program, but my assembly coding is really rusty. Plus I'm having some problems finding the stuff to do it. In college I programmed the 68HC11 for our senior project, but that chip seems mostly obsolete. After some research I think I've found a solution using a PIC24H chip. I'm going to have to learn their command set, so it should get interesting. I will have to wait a bit until we can afford to start dropping money on the table again, the stuff isn't horribly expensive, but at this stage of the game it'll have to wait a little. On the plus side, there is a plan.

The game table is well under way. I need to get some pictures posted up here. The base table is built and functional. As you can see the list goes on in 'extras'.I do need to finish the last two drawers, and figure out what exactly else I want to do do the DM station. Past that, I need to install power strips and figureout how the side tables for each station are going to work. I'm not quite sure about the initiative LED sytem. The tracking system that Dhreva is working on is online, so I'm not sure if we can interface that directly with the computer's parallel port to drive the LEDs. I guess we will see.