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Name: Zachery
Gender: Male
Created for: Exalted RPG with the Ephrata gang
Earliest Appearance: 2003
Relatives: None

Description: Zachery is a human sailor and a Zeinth caste solar exalt. He has long black hair usually tied back and blue eyes. Generally he wears whatever tattered clothing he has laying around, and always seems to have the smell of the ocean with him.

History: Zachery was from the city of Thorns, before it was corrupted and destoryed by the forces of darkness. His father, Simon, captained an independant merchant vessel out of the port, and Zack sailed with him from time to time. It was on the last of these voyages that Zachery learned that his father wasn't only a merchant sailor, but also a smuggler. A pirate crew that he was doing business with didn't like the terms and decided to change them. Zachery's father was killed along with most of the crew. Zachery himself was taken aboard to work.

He was put under the charge of the first mate, a woman named Sarai. To gain his trust, she revealed that she had no love for the captain either, and was merely biding her time. He couldn't explain it, but he felt he could trust her, so he did. He worked hard, and bided his time plotting his revenge. To top things off, it was only later that he learned that at the same moment his father was killed, his entire hometown was laid to waste. This did not improve his attitude.

A few years later their chance came. They were attacking another ship and the fight was not as one sided as the captain usually preferred. He got caught and was cut down by the opposing force. The pirates loyal to the captian, led by Rufus rallied around him and finished off the opposing force. Now a decision had to be made. By the ships documents, the first mate took over for captain, but those loyal to the old captain didn't much like Sarai. They were the ones who enjoyed piracy, not the ones forced into it. They were also not the brightest ones.

The fight was quick, and Sarai's group left Rufus' group on the broken down ship that they had attacked. Their paths crossed a few times over the years and Rufus began to really resent Zachery as he triumphed every time. It only increased after Zachery found out that he was a Solar Exalted and found a set of First Age gauntlets.