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Name: Sage Cooper
Gender: Male
Created for: 4th ed. D&D game with the Ephrata gang
Earliest Appearance: 2011
Relatives: Marshal Cooper-Father, Patrick Cooper-Older Brother, Dianne Cooper-Older Sister

Description: Sage is a 20 year old paladin. Like most of his family he has auburn hair and green eyes. He is solidly built, and always seems to be to clean.

History: Sage grew up in a fairly large town, his family's business was making barrels. His mother had died a few years after giving birth to him. It was just her father raising the three children. He was something of a troublemaker as a child; no, a trouble-finder. He seemed born with an innate ability to find conflict and see it in terms of 'right' and 'wrong'.

It was this polarizing ability that drew him under the wing of Gordan Ustard, a paladin of their town's order. Gordon helped him focus his talents and set him on his path in the world. Sage flew through the paladin's training regiment faster than anybody else ever had. He was the youngest in the city to be fully initiated into the order. His mindset however didn't come without a price.

A border town had been raided by orcs, and along with Gordon, he was to lead the soldiers to recover any surviving townsfolk and drive back the orcs. His ideals of 'black and white' didn't mesh well with the shades of grey that the soldiers under him saw. Some of his orders were questioned, delays were caused, and lives were lost. He knew after that battle that he wasn't meant to command armies. The rest of the order agreed.

He was surprised to see his sister amongst the townsfolk being rescued, she had run off years ago despite Patrick and his pleading that she stay. Now she had little choice but to return home with the rest of the army. their reuntion didn't go well, and then came the incident.

A few weeks later he was reassigned to the Paladin's Blade program. He was partnered up with a warlock by the name of Mandrake to see out evils where an army could not reach.