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Name: Dianne Cooper
Gender: Female
Created for: 4th ed. D&D game with the Ephrata gang
Earliest Appearance: 2011
Relatives: Marshal Cooper-Father, Patrick Cooper-Older Brother, Sage Cooper-Younger Brother

Description: Dianne is a 24 year old Bard. Like most of her family she has auburn hair and green eyes. She is very charismatic and attractive, two very good qualities in her line of work.

History: Dianne grew up in a fairly large town, her family's business was making barrels. Her mother had died a few years after giving birth to her younger brother, Sage. It was just her father raising the three children. As a child, she was the quiet one. Her father sent her to the town's clerics for an education. She excelled in her learning and absorbed information like a sponge. At the age of 12 she was working as a scribe for them and the local order of paladins. She loved to write down the adventures and stories that the paladins returned with. These stories started to fuel her passion for adventure, but it was a traveling bard that finally sparked her into action. She was 18 when Rodan breezed into town and she was drawn to him like a moth to a flame. It seemed as though he never ran out of stories and many of them were his own. He encouraged her to join him on his travels and see the world herself. It didn't take much convincing. Her family did not take this well.

It didn't take her long to find out that Rordan was interested in more than just her career. Enamoured as she was by his tales, she really wasn't that interested in him. He had many, many flaws, and womanizing was just one of them. It was a strained relationship for three years, when he decided he'd had enough and tried to force himself on her. He would have been much more successful had he not unwittingly trained her over the past three years to deal with such a situation. She left him alive, but maybe wishing he wasn't.

She adventured on her own for two more years before winding up in the small border town in an area known for it's orcish raiding parties. She was preforming when the raiding party hit. Many of the guards were watching the show instead of guarding. The survivors spent the next few weeks as 'guests' of the orcs. Dianne made the best of the situation, learning their language and 'culture'. When a half-orc scout from the army sent to rescue them made contact, she was able to do a repeat preformance. The orcs didn't know what hit them.

She was surprised, however, to see Sage amongst the paladins leading the army. They avoided each other the entire trip back to their home city. Their father was not doing well, and the reunion was not pleasant. She decided to drown her sorrows in work, so she hit the taverns. A young soldier tried to make some advances her direction. Sage, who had taken the more traditional route to drowning one's sorrows, stepped in to protect his sister. The conflict got heated and Dianne stepped in to try to calm it down. She found herself impaled on her brother's sword. She didn't remember much other than paniced movement and shadows until she woke up in the care of the clerics.

It was there that she learned that Sage had found something to save her. He made a deal, and the thing had twined their lifeforces together into one body. The cleric's can't seperate them without killing one or the other. She's been trying to find out what had done this to them ever since. She will make it pay.