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Name: Atsu (generally), Atsu Mystshield (when a surname is necessary)
Gender: Male
Created for: The internet in general
Earliest Appearance: Sometime in while I was in college, 2002ish maybe?

Description: Atsu is usually either an anthromorphic bull, or a minotaur depending on how you feel about the whole 'anthro' thing. He has been known to show up in human guise depending on the world he's inhabiting at the time though. He's got long, unkempt dark/black hair while the rest of him is light brown (when he is a minotaur). Being an idealization, he's big, strong and smart.

History: He was made as an online persona for me to use. His name is actually Japanese for cardboard, it came from the 'Mediaval Massacre' at college. The week before finals some of the students would make cardboard weapons and armor and go to battle on the campus grounds. I thought my armor came out neat and needed a name. So I typed cardboard into one of the Internet's translation engines and out popped Atsugami. Atsu for pressure and Gami for paper. I started using it for my StarCraft handle, but someone commented that it sounded 'girly' so I shorted it to just Atsu. As such then Gami was also created when I needed a female persona.